Rent x-ray detection systems

PEO Service rents x-ray detection systems, metal detection gates and friskers, e.g. : for access control at stadiums, cruise passenger terminals or events. But also for scanning cargo, pallets or ULDs at airports or for screening truckloads or mail and small packages. Of course, our professionals also take care of the installation and user training.

Prior to Covid restrictions, PEO Service took care of the access control of tens of thousands of visitors and passengers in the Benelux. In addition to thousands of packaged products or similar examined and scanned for NDT-related assignments every year. It is possible to first rent an x-ray system and then decide whether or not to purchase it.

Picture of a concert with lightceams coming from the podium

Do you work in locations with increased security levels and need to scan baggages onsite? PEO Detection offers x-ray detection systems (baggage scanners) tailored to your working environment.

PEO Detection provides TSA Certified baggage scanners and detection systems manufactured by our partner Astrophysics, USA. The manufacturer specialises in high-quality x-ray detection systems, available in various sizes and are suitable for baggages and cargo.

The Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners are equipped with robust wheels enabling you to easily move them. The tunnel sizes vary, with the smallest variant and also the most affordable, namely Astrophysics 5335 X-ray baggage scanner is 53.3cm × 35.6 cm. The X-ray generator of the Astrophysics (Semi 3D) XIS-6040 VI-3D operates at 180kV.

The X-ray baggage scanners operate within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C. This provides the Astrophysics baggage scanners the advantage that they remain operational during hot summer days at festivals or events; or in a hot hall at an airport. The Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners have a throughput of 20cm/sec.

This baggage scanner is ready for use within 70 seconds!
This baggage scanner fits through a standard door (as well as the Multi-View version)!