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Version 3.0 is the latest version of ANGLE software (Angle V3) which has evolved over more than 16 years of development and testing. The new version incorporates many user suggestions for improvement. Generally speaking, ANGLE solves the familiar counting room problem of needing an appropriate efficiency calibration with which to analyze a sample, but not having an identical or “replicate” traceable standard from which to determine that calibration.

Based on a technique called “efficiency transfer” or “ET”, ANGLE calculates a transfer function between the absolute efficiency data for the detector-sample-matrix geometry which is experimentally known (the “reference geometry”) and the new detector-sample geometry (the “sample”).

Angle V3 features:

• generate efficiency calibrations for new geometries instantly; no new standards needed.
• never again wait for delivery of new standards.
• applies to a wide range of detectors and container types.
• highly accurate, typically to a few percent.
• reduces disposal costs of old radioactive standards.
• universal: use with any or all of your
• HPGe detectors regardless of the vendor!
• “efficiency transfer” principle: the best combination of absolute and relative methods.
• no expensive and time-consuming detector “factory characterization”.
• simple to use, transparent and verifiable by the user: results traceable to traceable standards.

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