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With a goal to make the world a safer and healthier place, we design, develop, manufacture, market and retail both hardware and software of CZT solid-state Radiation Detectors and Scintillation Radiation Detector components and products to OEM, Civil Nuclear, Security & Defence Sectors and Government Bodies globally.

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Kromek Group plc is an international technology group, with its global Head Quarters in the UK and offices and manufacturing facilities in the US.

As one of the only companies to produce Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT), Kromek’s leading technology has allowed us to design, develop, manufacture and market world class detection capabilities, products and solutions.

Kromek’s Detection portfolio serves the Security & Defence, Civil Nuclear, and Biological Detection markets. Our durable and highly sensitive devices are built for the harshest of environments, infrastructure protection, security, and research applications.

Our Advanced Imaging portfolio serves the Medical and Industrial & Security markets, delivering CZT based detector solutions to OEMs, as well as global research and academic communities. We provide a variety of detectors for various modalities, ranging from customisable configurations of metallised detector tiles, and ‘plug and play’ detector modules, to linear arrays with full detection capabilities.

With Kromek’s innovations in Detection and Advanced Imaging, we’re heading towards a future of enhanced security and significantly better patient outcomes, ultimately leading to a safer and healthier world.

Any questions? Or would you like to order a product from our partner? Contact us directly.