976 Quad 250-MHz Counter/Timer – Ortec

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The 976 Quad 250-MHz Counter/Timer (Ortec) is developed to solve multiple counting set-up issues for large physics or chemistry experiments. The device has four independent 8-digit counters each with their own display and can accept up to 250-MHz input rates.

976 Quad 250-MHz Counter/Timer features:

  • auto repeat counting
  • fast TTL or NIM
  • rate divider and delay functions
  • fifth counter or timer
  • simple yet flexible multiple counter
  • five displays

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Exclusive Distribution BeNeLux

Ortec, founded in 1960, provides state of the art solutions in many areas of nuclear / spectroscopic measurements and detection. High-technology instrumentation is designed and manufactured by Ortec a...


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Datasheet 976 Quad 250-MHz Counter/Timer Ortec

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