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Pulse generators

Pulse Generators are used with pulse processing systems to simulate the detection of an event in the detector with an electronic pulse. The amplitudes of the pulses from the pulse generator can be normalized so that the pulse-height selector setting corresponds directly with the energy of a simulated event. Thus normalized, the pulse generator becomes a useful tool for setting the discriminator levels in single-channel analyzers, and for other system calibrations. When the pulse generator is connected to both detectors in a coincidence system, it supplies a true coincidence signal that simplifies the adjustment of the system delays required to obtain optimum coincidence resolving times. Pulse generators are also useful in verifying that individual components of a system are operating properly.
A charge terminator and a 100-Ω voltage terminator are provided with each pulse generator. The use of the charge terminator allows the voltage pulse to be converted to a charge pulse for subsequent amplification by a charge-sensitive preamplifier. The use of the voltage terminator allows the voltage pulse to be input directly to other instruments such as amplifiers, discriminators, and ADCs.
The ORTEC Model 419 Pulse Generator has adjustable rise times to simulate the rise time of the detector signal. Pulse generators may be left connected to the system.

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