RS-230 BGO Handheld Spectrometer – Radiation Solutions

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The RS-230 BGO Handheld Spectrometer (Radiations Solutions) is a portable handheld radiation survey search device for use in the geophysical industry. Using a BGO give very significant increase in performance over the normally used NaI detector (3x).

RS-230 BGO Handheld Spectrometer features:

  • single button operation
  • high countrate: 65, 535
  • protection: IP67
  • rugged design
  • digital LCD display
  • analyses single channel and multichannel
  • PC connectivity: USB or Bluetooth
  • detector: BGO 2×2“, 103 ccm
Read more about the RS-230 BGO Handheld Spectrometer on the Radiation Solutions website
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Radiation Solutions Inc. (RSI), founded in 2006, is specialized in radiation detection and monitoring systems. Most of RSI’s staff has a past in Exploranium. Therefore Radiation Solutions has over 2...


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RS-230 BGO Handheld Spectrometer

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