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DSPEC jr 2.0 is the fifth-generation integrated gamma spectrometer from ORTEC based on digital signal processing. This unique product combines the latest in digital filter technology (Low Frequency Rejector) and the fastest, most up-to-date data transfer available (USB 2.0) with the proven performance of the ORTEC DSPEC line.

DSPEC JR 2 features:

  • innovative zdt™ “loss-free counting” correction2 including the uncertainty associated with the zdt spectrum
  • enhance your spectral quality with the new low frequency rejector (lfr)1 technology
  • automate – improve your laboratory productivity with integrated sample changer connections and controls
  • fastest data transfer capability available with usb 2.0
  • maintains dspec qualities including rock-solid stability
  • easy setup features including automatic pole zero, automatic baseline restorer, and “optimize” features
  • front panel display of detector status and state-of-health information — smart-1™ intelligent hpge support
  • simple installation with true plug-and-play on usb
  • excellent temperature and count rate stability
  • full computer control of every function
  • support for hpge and nai detectors

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