Detective X Ultra High Resolution HPGe Radioisotope Identification Device – Ortec

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How do you improve on “The Gold Standard” for nuclear threat detection and identification? ORTEC’s new Detective X high purity germanium (HPGe) “RIID” does exactly that with a combination of identification improvements, operational (conops) improvements, better interconnectivity capabilities, and longer battery life. Detection and Identification Features
  • Larger HPGe crystal, three times more efficient than the Micro-Detective-HX.
  • Improved Algorithm that increases detection probability.
  • Comprehensive library of over 175 radionuclides including new radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Better standoff detection and ID capability.
Operational Improvements
  • Rugged Instrument designed for harsh environments (IP65 compliant).
  • Weight Significantly Reduced (about half of Detective-EX-100T).
  • Battery life doubled and batteries are hot swappable.
  • New Li6/ZnS Neutron Detector Module (NDM), no 3He required.
  • Bigger display screen, easily readable in sunlight.
Quality Improvements
  • New Stirling cooler with more cooling capacity and improved mean time between failures.
  • Designed with extremely hard polycarbonate case, making it both lighter and more rugged.
Enhanced Connectivity Options
  • System includes built-in Ethernet connection (RJ45).
  • USB Connection to PC is plug and play.
  • USB memory stick stores >100,000 spectra.
  • Mobile phone Interconnectivity and control of instrument for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth are standard with Detective X.
Exclusive Distribution BeNeLux

Ortec, founded in 1960, provides state of the art solutions in many areas of nuclear / spectroscopic measurements and detection. High-technology instrumentation is designed and manufactured by Ortec a...


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