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The 416A Gate and Delay Generator accepts either polarity of input logic pulse, provides a delay of up to 110 µs, and furnishes an output logic pulse with selected amplitude, polarity, and width. The combination of functions provided by this module satisfies various logic requirements, such as gating multichannel analyzers and alignment of coincidence timing between two channels using dissimilar pulse-shaping modes. Auxiliary outputs include a Delay Period output, with a width equal to the delay time, and a NIM-standard Fast-negative Delayed Marker pulse. Excellent time stability allows application in systems that require nanosecond time precision.

Instruments producing either positive or negative NIM-standard logic signals may be used to drive the Model 416A. Because of the versatility of its amplitude and width adjustments and its dual- polarity output connections, the output can be set for compatibility with essentially all nuclear instrumentation. It can also be used as a logical interface between ORTEC equipment and any other instruments.

416A Gate and Delay Generator features:

  • provides adjustment of the delay, width, polarity, and amplitude of gating pulses
  • positive or negative polarity input pulse
  • time delay from 0.1 to 110 µs
  • output pulse width from 0.4 to 4 µs
  • excellent time delay stability

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