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The 414A Fast Coincidence is a modular threefold coincidence unit that allows fast coincidence determination between any two or three input signals. The term “fast” indicates the general nature of the coincidence circuit; that is, input pulses are reshaped, and the actual coincidence determination is made on the leading edge, or leading portion, of the pulses. A dc-coupled anticoincidence input is provided to inhibit the coincidence output by a dc voltage or a pulse that overlaps the period of coincidence of the coincident pulses. The coincidence inputs are ac-coupled, and all four inputs are controlled by In/Out toggle switches. The resolving time, 2 τ, of the fast coincidence unit may be varied over a 10- to 110-ns range by a 10-turn control for accurate resettability of the resolving time. The resolving time of the anticoincidence circuit is set by the width of the input pulse.

414A Fast Coincidence features:

  • provides fast coincidence determinations with adjustable resolving time
  • three selectable, positive-polarity coincidence inputs
  • one selectable, positive-polarity anticoincidence input
  • adjustable 10 to 110 ns resolving time

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