OT-302D Display Module – On-Trak

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The OT-302D Display Module brings a new level of ease and sophistication to display and analysis of position sensing data collected from the OT-301 Position Sensing Amplifier. Utilize the module in three ways: as a standalone readout system, in tandem with Beamtrak data processing software (included), or with user-programmable routines via RS-232 communication.

OT-302D Display Module features

  • LCD Display of Absolute Position
  • LCD Backlight
  • X, Y Position and Sum Display
  • metric (mm) or English (in)
  • RS-232 interface
  • push button zero offset
  • computer controlled or stand alone
  • front panel push button control
  • high resolution 0.1 micron (0.0001″)
  • display update control 0.1 to 25.5 second update speed
  • calibration features for all size detectors
  • fast/slow averaging
Exclusive Distribution BeNeLux

Ontrak-Photonics is opgericht in 1991. Zij zijn gespecialiseerd in het fabriceren en ontwikkelen van componenten en meetsystemen voor laseruitlijning gebaseerd op Positie Gevoelige Detector Technologi...


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OT-302D Display Module, Datasheet

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