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Optimized solution for fast and accurate characterization UV-VIS-NIR radiation sources, it covers an extended spectral range from 200-1050nm (UV VIS to IR) It features a large laboratory grade back thinned CCD sensor from Hamamatsu delivering extraordinary stability over longer exposure times. It is ideal for LED measurements and can be paired with any of our integrating spheres and goniometer systems for advance measurements in accordance with CIE 127:2007 and CIE 025/E:2015


This measuring instrument was designed to meet specific requirements in advanced applications. It covers an extended spectral range from 200-1050nm (UV VIS to IR). It features high performance optical components and is delivered with a multi-step and traceable factory calibration. Its compact housing helps with easy integration with stationary laboratory measuring stands or production testers. As being USB controlled, it can be connected to a PC whilst SMA fiber optic connection allows easy connectivity. The GL Spectis 4.0 spectroradiometer has been optimized for demanding tests and measurements and has consistently delivered the accuracy comparable to a lot more expensive and complicated metrological instruments. Stray light rejection system and automatic temperature compensation helps to achieve accurate and precise results. This Spectroradiometer is ideal for LED measurements and for this it can be paired with any of our integrating spheres and goniometer systems for advance measurements in accordance with CIE 127:2007 and CIE 025/E:2015. The high accuracy and resolution make it an ideal instrument for measurements confirming to (IES) LM-79-08 and other international standards.


Extended Spectral Range With a wide wavelength range from 200 to 1050nm, the Spectis 4.0 spectroradiometer allows for measurements in accordance with a number of standards, including Photobiological Safety (EN 62471) or measurement of SSL products (IESNA LM-79-08). Photometric and radiometric calibration An absolute spectral calibration is integrated into each spectrometer before the delivery. It enables the accurate measurement of different absolute values such as lux, candela or lumen together with radiometric values depending on the measurement accessory installed. Dark Current Compensation Despite the fact that it is not a cooled detector instrument, GL Spectis 4.0 light spectrometer is ready to provide very accurate measurements in different conditions. A temperature sensor installed on the electronic board monitors changes in temperature and automatically compensates for any change in the dark current level providing excellent measurement stability. Variety of integrating spheres and probes available With the universal concept and design of the Spectis 5.0 Touch, you can easily expand your measurement system by adding any of our integrating spheres or additional accessories.


Our preconfigured, individually calibrated spectral light meters deliver fast and precise results for nearly any practical light measurement application. It enables to measure in seconds and review the results with the included software. Using the GL Spectis 4.0, you can measure any or all of the following optical quantities: • Lux – irradiance • Lumen – luminous flux • CRI – color rendering index according to the CIE • CCT – the color temperature according to standard CIE • Color – the chromatic coordinates of the CIE 1931 and CIE 1964 • Fidelity and Gamut – method for evaluating light source color rendition according to TM-30 IES standard • PAR/PPFD – photosynthetic active radiation measurements for horticulture • EML – biological effects of light on humans in equivalent melanopic lux • mWatt – radiation energy + many more! Whatever your application, our precise Spectis 4.0 spectrometer is ideal.


• Spectral range*: 200 – 1050 nm • Sensor: Back-thinned type CCD • Number of pixels: 2048 • Physical resolution / datapoint interval: ~ 0.5 nm • Optical resolution / FWHM: 2.5 nmWavelength reproducibility: +- 0.5 nm • Integration time: 10 ms – 10 s in automatic mode • A/D converter: 16 bit • Signal-to-noise ratio: 1000:1 • Stray light: 2*10 E-4 • Radiometric accuracy**: 6 % within range 200 – 220 nm 5 % within range 220 – 500 nm 4% within range 500 – 1050 nm • Uncertainty of color coordinates**: +- 0.0015 • Illuminance (lux): 1 lx … 200,000 lx • Luminous flux : ✓ (with GL OPTI SPHERE) • Luminance : ✓ (with GL OPTI PROBE) • USB: USB 2.0 • Data format: XML • Operating temperature: 5 – 35 °C • Dimensions : 70 mm x 170 mm x 204 mm • Weight: 1,5 kg *Spectral range of the sensor. Actual spectral range of system may be reduced due to limitations of used optical accessory. ** Absolute measurement uncertainty immediately after calibration. The expanded uncertainty corresponds to a coverage probability of 95 % and the coverage factor k = 2. Parameters valid in laboratory conditions 25deg C, relative humidity 45%. Black Body radiator model was used as a reference source. Standard spectroradiometric irradiance measuring probe was used in a fixed position against the radiator during the entire test. Product page:
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