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The GammaVision Report Writer transfers GammaVision analysis results to a database so that results can be queried and custom reports generated from Crystal Reports. Several report templates are included by default, and they can be modified to meet individual needs using Crystal Reports (A44-CR). GammaVision Report Writer can be seamlessly integrated with GammaVision as the reporting option, or run as a stand-alone program to load or query analysis results and generate customer reports.

GammaVision Report Writer features:

  • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) and Windows XP
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • crystal reports 11.5
  • GammaVision 7 and earlier
  • automated custom reports with spectrum image
  • extensive report export options (Word, Excel, PDF)
  • simplified LIMS data integration
  • data management for search, archive, purge functions
  • populated directly from GammaVision analysis
  • automated calculations and data validation through
  • custom report templates
  • analysis data supported by spectrum graphics

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