EASY-MCS Multichannel Scaler – Ortec

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The EASY-MCS Multichannel Scaler (Ortec) is a compact instrument with accompanying software, which when connected to your personal computer via USB 2.0 interface transforms it into a powerful and flexible Multi-Channel Scaler (MCS) or a multiple-stop time spectrometer.

EASY-MCS Multichannel Scaler applications:

  • mössbauer experiments
  • laser-induced chemical reactions
  • time-resolved single-photon counting
  • scanning x-ray diffractometers
  • atmospheric and satellite LIDAR
  • scanning mass spectrometers
  • phosphorescence lifetime spectrometry
  • time-of-flight spectrometry

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Exclusieve distributie BeNeLux

Ortec, founded in 1960, provides state of the art solutions in many areas of nuclear / spectroscopic measurements and detection. High-technology instrumentation is designed and manufactured by Ortec a...


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Datasheet EASY-MCS Multichannel Scaler Ortec

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