Möbius Recycler – Ortec

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The Möbius Recycler (Ortec) is a condensing liquid nitrogen HPGe detector cooling system. It is an perfect solution for managing counting laboratories which have periodic power failures. An “intelligent” cooler controller senses when the Möbius is operating on an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and automatically disables the cryocooler to minimize the power drain. With this feature the Möbius Recycler allows extended system operation when small capacity UPS systems are used.

Möbius Recycler features:

  • integrates easily underneath standard lead shields with same footprint as standard dewar
  • swap detectors as needed with any dipstick style Möbius or PopTop compatible Möbius-B
  • health parameters and diagnostics accessible by Windows PC
  • ability to achieve LN2 performance without the requirement for frequent system refilling
  • a large 28 liter dewar improves the duration for cooling during a power loss and helps extend the time between system refills
  • smart controller reduces UPS strain while allowing continued operation during a power outage
  • during a loss of input power the Möbius will continue cooling the detector as if it were a standard dewar
  • LN2 level monitor can be remotely mounted and calculates the time until the dewar is empty based upon LN2 consumption, this allows proactive maintenance scheduling
  • flexibility with a wide range of cryostat and detector orientation including vertical options as well as side mounted configurations
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