Gafchromic MD-V3 Radiochromic Film – Ashland

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The Gafchromic MD-V3 Radiochromic Film (Ashland) can be used for the measuring absorbed dose of ionizing radiation particularly suited for high-energy photons.

Gafchromic MD-V3 Radiochromic Film features:

  • 1 Gy to 100 Gy (dose range)
  • no post-exposure treatment, develops in real time
  • near tissue equivalent
  • no darkroom needed
  • mitigates lateral response dependence
  • stable at temperatures up to 60°C
  • eliminate Newton’s rings
  • energy-dependence: minimal response difference from 100keV into the MV range
  • high spatial resolution
  • size: 5” x 5”, 12,7 cm x 12,7 cm
  • quantity: 5 sheets (box)
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Datasheet Gafchromic MD-V3 Radiochromic Film Ashland

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