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The new, low-dose Gafchromic LD-V1 film from Ashland provides superior spatial resolution to give you added confidence during your critical QA analysis. The LD-V1 replaces the XR-QA2 Gafchromic film. 

LD-V1 film now includes better contrast and imaging detail. This provides instant calibration results which are easy to read with data that is even easier to understand. 

The launch of this film is geared specifically as a QA tool for radiology in a processor-less environment. But the film is also suitable for security x-ray applications, non-destructive testing, and machine QA for dental equipment. 

This film is available in two sizes: 8”x10” or 10”x12”. But you can cut the film sheets into different sizes and handle them in room light. One package contains 10 sheets of film. 

  • Dose range of 2 cGY to 20 cGY
  • Energy range of ~20 keV to ~200 keV. 

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Gafchromic LD-V1 Benefits

  • High spatial resolution and contrast
  • Excellent tool for the processor-less environment
  • Easy to use film
  • Can be handled in room light
  • Water resistant
  • No electronic components
  • U.S. FDA listed medical device
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Gafchromic LD-V1 Datasheet

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