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The trans-SPEC-N is an N-type HPGe gamma-ray spectrometer with everything you need in a single easy-to-handle package. There is no need for liquid nitrogen and no long cables. Everything is complete in one package and ready for use. The many ORTEC trans-SPEC and Detective instruments already in the field are demonstrating the reliability of the basic design and of the revolutionary miniature Stirling-cycle cooler which ensures reliable and efficient cooling of the integral HPGe detector.

Trans-SPEC-N features:

  • no ln2 — miniature, high-reliability, stirling-cycle cooler eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen; detector element is encapsulated in high reliability, low loss, all-metal sealed cryostat.
  • neutron damage resistance — n-type hpge detector.
  • large energy range — 40 kev to 11 mev energy range for higher energy prompt gammas from neutron interactions.
  • high sensitivity — large (>50% relative efficiency) hpge detector.
  • high stability — digital electronics give you the solution for the toughest analysis in the toughest conditions.
  • bright and clear — vga resolution display with touch sensitive operator screen.
  • all-in-one integrated package — rugged and compact with no interconnections — easy to setup and go.
  • smart — nuclide id and activity calculation for nine regions of interest (roi).
  • well connected — usb 2.0 and wireless 802.11 communications, built-in gps, and secure digital
  • input/output (sdio) storage of acquired spectra.
  • flexible — a variety of power sources can be used, including internal battery, supplemental external battery, automobile battery (any 12 v dc), and line power; all with automatic switchover.

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