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DSPEC 50 and DSPEC 502 salute the 50th year in which ORTEC has delivered innovative and quality nuclear instrumentation to scientists in a broad range of applications world wide. Fifteen years after the first ORTEC DSPEC® digital spectrometer received acclaim among spectroscopists for its performance and stability, the new DSPEC 50 and DSPEC 502 are landmark products which bring together our long design experience in digital spectrometers and the ongoing innovation skills of our developers.3 The “retro” look front panel, which incorporates a built-in display, a reminder of earlier times in the evolution of multichannel analyzers, but inside, the DSPEC 50 is packed full of the latest digital signal processing technology and quality design.

Digital spectrometers are inherently more stable than the analog variety common in the past. In introducing the DSPEC 50, ORTEC has launched an all-new digital instrument platform, enhanced with a number of unique features and modes of operation which have distinct benefit in real-world applications.


DSPEC 50 and DSPEC 502 features:

  • single mca (dspec 50) and dual mca (dspec 502) versions.
  • highly stable against variations in count rate and temperature.
  • pha and list mode acquisitions.
  • automated set-up: automatic pole zero adjust, baseline restorer, and optimize.1
  • high throughput capabilities for high count rate applications.
  • digital spectrum stabilizer.
  • usb 2.0 and ethernet capability (tcp/ip protocol).
  • large front panel display for at-a-glance system status information.
  • support for all hpge detector types, old and new.

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