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The DigiBASE 14-Pin Photomultiplier Base is a PMT (photomultiplier tube) base for gamma-ray spectroscopy applications with NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors.

The unique concept of the digiBASE combines a miniaturized preamplifier and detector high voltage with powerful digital signal processing, multichannel analyzer, and special features for fine time resolution measurements. This is all contained in a low-power, lightweight, small tube base with a USB connection.

Everything you need to connect to your NaI(Tl) detector is included in the tube base. Furthermore, there is no need to open your computer to install an interface card, or for using external NIM-based components. The digiBASE includes MAESTRO MCA emulation software and is available with GammaVision gamma spectroscopy software which enables complete quantitative analysis.


  • Full featured digital MCA and gain stabilizer for ultimate stability
  • Fast data acquisition for maximum throughput
  • The ultimate in Fine Time Resolution with “List Mode”
  • Multi-detector arrays made simple with USB Connection
  • 0 to +1200-V Detector Bias Voltage
  • Includes MAESTRO Advanced MCA software.
  • low-power (<500 mA)
  • Weighs 280 g (10 oz)
  • Size: 63 mm diameter x 80 mm length

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digiBASE gamma ray spectroscopy with accessoires
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DigiBASE Datasheet

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