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The ORTEC Detective 100T family of Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifiers (HHRIDs) has gained an unmatched reputation for performance in the rapid identification of radioisotopes in both suspected and actual cases of illicit nuclear materials trafficking. Detective Version 3 analysis enhancements push the performance envelope even further.

Detective 100T features:

  • highest performance hpge nuclide identifier: now improved further by latest advanced algorithms.
  • high resolution gamma spectroscopy1 with confirmatory neutron detection in ex models.
  • definitive answers to the detection of illicit nuclear materials (snm) trafficking in seconds, in a battery operated instrument.
  • fast, simple and ultra-reliable classification of norm, medical, industrial, snm and natural isotopes, shielded and unshielded.
  • ansi n42-34 compliant.
  • simple to operate: bright, clear displays, touch sensitive screens, intuitive menus.
  • multiple uses (e.g.): hand-held nuclide identifier, emergency whole-body counter, ad-hoc portal monitor, search system, food monitor.
  • gamma-ray and neutron search modes.
  • 2snm search mode™ finds snm sources in the presence of other sources.
  • compatible with detective-remote search system.
  • usb and wireless 802.11 communications.
  • wireless mobile mcb server software.
  • built in gps.
  • secure digital (sdio) slot.

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