Alpha Suite Alpha Spectrometers

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All Alpha Suite models feature the following:

  • A complete instrument requiring vacuum, power and connection to a PC only
  • Simple, high speed USB connection to computer
  • Internal advanced Digital MCA
  • Digital Spectrum Stabilizer
  • Computer controlled preamplifier, HV supply, and calibration pulser
  • High quality nickel-plated brass vacuum chamber, easily decontaminated
  • Optional Alpha Recoil protection system available
  • Compatible with all previous ORTEC alpha spectrometer systems
  • MAESTRO MCA Emulation software
Distribution Exclusive BeNeLux

Ortec, founded in 1960, provides state of the art solutions in many areas of nuclear / spectroscopic measurements and detection. High-technology instrumentation is designed and manufactured by Ortec a...



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Datasheet - Alpha Suite

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