EASY-MCA-2K/8K MultiChannel Analyzer – Ortec

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The EASY-MCA-2K/8K MultiChannel Analyzer (Ortec) is a device that analyzes a stream of voltage pulses and sorts them into a histogram or spectrum of number of events, versus pulse-height, which may often relate to energy or time of arrival.

EASY-MCA-2K/8K MultiChannel Analyzer features:

  • fast (<2 μs) conversion time
  • gate input provided
  • compact stand-alone MCA
  • with MAESTRO Software
  • fast, convenient USB2 connectivity
  • advanced analysis software options
  • includes dead-time correction logic inputs (busy and PUR)

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Ortec, founded in 1960, provides state of the art solutions in many areas of nuclear / spectroscopic measurements and detection. High-technology instrumentation is designed and manufactured by Ortec a...


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Datasheet EASY-MCA-2K/8K MultiChannel Analyzer Ortec

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