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Exceptional resolution and stable, low energy efficiency are critical requirements to optimize sample counting which improves your results accuracy and throughput. PROFILE “S” and “C” Series HPGe detectors offer both. The ORTEC HPGE detector S and C of P-type High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors match the crystal dimensions to your application for optimal counting geometry and results. Both “S” and “C” Series crystals incorporate a Stable, Thin Front Contact (STFC) which provides excellent gamma transmission for energies as low as 3 keV. This advanced contact design does not diffuse into the germanium crystal at room temperature which ensures stable detector efficiency, even when stored warm.

HPGE detector S and C features:

  • thin front contact
  • maximized crystal diameter within the endcap
  • thin front contact
  • P-type detectors with multiple crystal geometries
  • stable contact (no “dead layer” growth at room temperature).
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