DB463 Delay Box – Ortec

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The ORTEC Model DB463 Delay box furnishes a 50-Ω calibrated cable delay, providing relative delays from 0 to 63.5 ns with 0.5-ns increments in each of four identical sections. Longer delays may be achieved by cascading several Model DB463 Delay Box sections.
The Model DB463 is convenient for aligning fast-timing channels that incorporate coincidence circuits or timeto-amplitude converters.

DB463 Delay box features:

  • aligns fast-timing channels that incorporate coincidence circuits or TACs
  • four independent sections
  • 50-Ω calibrated cable delay for linear or logic signals
  • 0 to 63.5-ns delay in 0.5-ns steps

Read more about the DB463 Delay box on the ORTEC website

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DB463 Datasheet

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