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Rad Sure UVA Illumination Indicators (Ashland) show if blood products are exposed to enough UVA light. In hospitals UVA light is used to limit the risk of bacterial blood contamination by microbial and T-cell inactivation.

RadSure UVA Illumination Indicators features:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to interpret
  • Attaches easily to component units
  • Contains UVA-sensitive film
  • ISBT 128 bar coded lot numbers
  • Meets cGMP requirements
  • Used with INTERCEPT UVA illuminator
  • Packaging: 200/box
  • Available for platelet or plasma
  • Reduces operator errors
  • Provides positive, visual verification of illumination
  • Enhances quality assurance of component illumination

Read more about these UVA Illumination Indicators on the Ashland website and in this PEO article!

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