Series 0 General Purpose Silicon Sensors – Centronic EO

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Series 0 General Purpose Silicon Sensors operate at up to 30V reverse bias voltage. They are useful for applications where low capacitance and high speed are important.

These detectors are have peak responsivity in the 780-950 nm range but are also successfully used for pulsed applications throughout the spectral range from 430-1064 nm.


  • Bias of 0-30V
  • Response of 430-1064 nm
  • Responsivity (at 900 nm) is 0,54 A/W

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Centronic is gevestigd in Croydon (nabij Londen) en heeft meer dan dertig jaar ervaring in het ontwikkelen en fabriceren van halfgeleider en gas gevulde detectoren voor een breed toepassingsgebied in...


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Datasheet General-Purpose Silicon Sensors (series 0), PEOnised

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