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The OT-301 Position Sensing Amplifier is the easiest, most precise way to process the current output from any position sensing detector (PSD) on the market.

Plug-And-Play… Out Of The Box

Truly plug-and-play, the OT-301 eliminates the hassle of having to design and build a custom amplification solution. Simply plug in the detector, switch on the power, and you’re ready to go. The benefit is greater convenience, efficiency and productivity… plus 100% compatibility with your future position sensing needs. The OT-301 pays for itself in no time.

Any Application… Any Detector

From laser beam alignment, to beam centering, to mirror stabilization, the OT-301 is ideal for one- and two-dimensional absolute optical positioning or precision centering and nulling requirements. Read the X-Y position output and SUM output from duolateral, tetralateral, single axis, quadrant and bi-cell PSDs.

Four transimpedance Amplifiers

Four transimpedance amplifier channels and precision signal processing electronics deliver the performance necessary for close-tolerance angle, surface uniformity, flatness, parallelism and straightness measurement.

X, Y Analog Output That’s Directly Proportional To Beam Position

The photocurrent generated from the position sensing detector is processed by the four-channel amplifier system using a position sensing algorithm. The result is X and Y analog outputs that are directly proportional to beam position-independent of changes in beam intensity.

Six Gain Settings: 0.1 μA to 1.5 mA

Six gain settings accommodate input current ranges from 0.1 μA to 1.5 mA with a frequency response to 15 kHz. A convenient ZERO adjust enables you to electronically move the zero to a relative position on the PSD. A CAL adjust allows calibration to absolute position.


  • X, Y analog position output voltages
  • sum output
  • wide dynamic range: 0.1 μA to 1.5 mA
  • DC to 15kHz
  • compatible with all position sensing detectors
  • zero offset/nulling
  • calibration adjust
  • automatic detector bias
  • position independent of beam intensity
Distribution Exclusive BeNeLux

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